Foundation GELIJKSPEL; opening the conversation between students about sex

For this pantheon// online article, Laurens Sprenger from a foundation named GELIJKSPEL was interviewed. Let’s introduce what the foundation is about. 

Laurens: “Foundation GELIJKSPEL is an organization dedicated to making the sex life of every student as enjoyable and safe as possible by offering workshops on sex in student life. These workshops are for and by students, which is one of the key points that sets us apart from other organizations. During these workshops, students answer the question: "How do we want to treat each other when it comes to sex?" by going through various cases. In this way, GELIJKSPEL facilitates the conversation about sexual conduct, allowing students to positively reshape the norms surrounding sex together.”

EiseWhy is it important for an organization like yours to exist?
Laurens: “As a student, you are in the middle of exploring the world, including the sexual aspect. In recent years, the sexual culture within student life has been increasingly discussed, often in a negative light. GELIJKSPEL is committed to changing this. During our workshops, we open the conversation with students and provide tools to deal with complex situations. In this way, we strive to create a positive sexual environment and experience among students. By making taboo subjects discussable in a positive way, GELIJKSPEL raises awareness of one's own role within sexual culture, or "the sexual game."”

EiseIn what settings do you offer these workshops?
Laurens: “At GELIJKSPEL, we organize workshops for and by students, primarily offered at study and student (sports) associations. August is our peak month. This year, we will provide workshops at every freshman weekend of TU Delft. Additionally, we will also give workshops during the introduction periods of other associations. We are available to give workshops throughout the year.”

EiseAre you mainly about imparting knowledge or getting students to think about the subject?
Laurens: “We are here to open the conversation among students about sex. Sex is fun and exciting but can also be vulnerable. By having this conversation, students learn to understand their own and each other’s boundaries and how to handle complex situations.”

EiseCan you give an example of one of the cases you discuss?
Laurens: “Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific examples. However, we can tell you that these cases involve concrete situations in student life related to sex. They can cover anything from checking boundaries and desires to discussing how people talk about sex.”

Eise: What are the most frequently asked questions among students?
Laurens: “Our workshop is not about asking us questions but about students asking each other. Students often find that most situations are not always black and white. How situations are experienced or dealt with can vary for everyone. Additionally, situations depend on location, context, or substance use. Sharing these different perspectives provides tools and makes students realize that we should ask each other more during these situations.”

EiseHow can people get involved with Foundation GELIJKSPEL?
Laurens: “If what we do resonates with you, you can certainly get involved with GELIJKSPEL! You can become an ambassador for GELIJKSPEL! This means you will work in a team of eight Delft students for 1 to 2 years and give workshops together.

To contact GELIJKSPEL, or just to have a look, you can get a view on their instagram: @gelijkspelofficial