What would you like to see in pantheon// ?

At the beginning of our run as editorial team of pantheon//, we started an experiment with weekly articles on pantheon// online. We saw a potential in our online platform to grow, and for the role of pantheon// to change. Our goal for this year was to test this potential. Now that we are slowly approaching the end of our run as committee, it is time to start asking the big questions: How should pantheon// online proceed in the future?

To answer this question, we would like your help. Our editorial team believes that we, as part of Stylos, are able to give students a platform to present topics they find interesting. But on top of that, we can be a place to follow student activities, and reflect on happenings at BK from students' perspectives. pantheon// online can be a more open outlet for these kinds of stories. Looking back at what we published in the last year, we would like to open the conversation outwards as to what role pantheon// can fulfill for our student body, and Stylos.

Throughout the year, our editorial team figured out how more frequent publication would operate on a practical level. Our editors wrote weekly about topics that interested them, Stylos events and conversations happening at BK in a range of articles. Some students took the time to talk to us in person about pantheon// online, mostly with positive feedback. Overall, it turned out that managing weekly articles next to our yearly thematic came more naturally than expected. We could allow ourselves to become ambitious about the future of pantheon// online. However, we would like to reach a more diverse level by including more student activities, guest articles and discourse.  Before we settle into a routine, we want to ask your opinion.

Have you followed pantheon// online in the last year, and/or do you have opinions about our articles, about pantheon// in general? Perhaps you have topics that you wish were represented more on our platform, or have something you want to contribute yourself? Please let us know by using our google forms, and perhaps you can help us find a new direction for pantheon// !

(less than 5 minutes)

We are also always open for guest articles and suggestions. You can reach us at pantheon@stylos.nl, or leave your comments at the hok. Also, you are welcome to let us know at the launch of this year's pantheon// magazine in June !