Stylos Exposure | A brief overview

The Stylos Exposure is a feature where every month a student from this faculty will get the chance to expose his or her creative work. This can be any form of art: from painting to video-art, from sculpting to product design. With this project Stylos wants to provide a platform for our creative students and inspire students by the work of their fellow students.

This year Stylos welcomed six students to show their creative works to the faculty. We were impressed, amazed and inspired by their creations, which is why we combined them into an exhibition in the Orange Hall at the end of the year. If somehow you have missed them; here are a selection of this year's participants in Stylos Exposure. Take a look on our Instagram if you want to view the rest of the artists.

Maria van der Togt | Architecture through time

Brutalism is often associated with grand architecture, huge slabs of concrete and towering structures. However this is far from true. Brutalism is not about dystopian concrete structures, it’s about letting the material speak. In Japan these ideas of human connection and materiality were taken to new levels. This time travel is shown in a series of posters and a t-shirt.

Bas Leemans | Traveling through and between cities

I try to find compositions and subjects that have a certain unexpected beauty or “ugliness”. The analogue photography, my camera, the look and feel of the filmgrain after development are elements that play a big role in this usually gritty atmosphere. Capturing my perspective of a place or city, quick and dirty. One roll of film then completes the story of certain places. 

Rens van Os | Detailed drawings

Next to studying architecture and writing reports, I love to draw. A have drawn a lot since I was a child, but the moment I started this study, my passion for drawing has increased so much. Early 2018 I started an art-page on Instagram and since then I can’t stop making “art pieces”. Most of the drawings you see on the posters are imaginative, but some of them are recreations of (famous) buildings, like the main entrance of our faculty and the Notre Dame. The biggest part of my inspiration I get from movies, video games, real life or other artists' work and concepts. I try to fit many details into very small pieces. 

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