Within at the latest 3 months (90 days) after the excursion, the following documents need to be handed in:

1. A list of all participants applying for funding including their signatures.
(saved as: TravelGrant_Signatures_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
2. A digital list (using this template) of the participants with personal data (study numbers, home address, e-mail address, IBAN, amount of ECTS/MSc).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Participants_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
3. The excursion program guide.
(saved as: TravelGrant_ExcursionGuide_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
4. An overview of expenses and income juxtaposed with the budget (financial balance).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Balance_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
5. Receipts (all categorically pasted on A4 paper).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Receipts_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
6. The original receipts of travel costs (rental cars, buses, trains, flight costs and local travel).
(saved as: TravelGrant_TravelCosts_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
7. The original receipts of accommodation expenses.
(saved as: TravelGrant_AccommodationCosts_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
8. The original receipts of entry fees.
(saved as: TravelGrant_EntryFees_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
9. An aftermovie of the excursion.
(saved as: TravelGrant_Aftermovie_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)
10A written report, suitable for publication (for example on our website).
(saved as: TravelGrant_Report_TitleOrganization_TitleExcursion_Year)

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