Sign up now for the BkBeats Designteam 2024!

BkBeats is a festival in the faculty of architecture with 3000 visitors. It is the largest faculty festival in the world and it is held every two years. It is an experience full of extraordinary music, dance, art and performances.
The BkBeats committee is looking for enthusiastic people to join the Designteam! As a part of the Designteam you will work in pairs on the design of decoration for the festival. Every week, starting from week 2.1, there will be a meeting with the Designteam to discuss your plans and designs. Up until the spring break you will work on your designs. During Q3 you will need to be available for one or two weekends per month to help the buildteam. During BkBeats you won’t have any obligations, so you are free to enjoy the festival! As a part of the Designteam you are expected to spend two to three hours each week on committee work.

The fun part about this design process is that your designs will actually be built! From the start of the second semester you will help guide the build process after which you will see your creations shine at BkBeats 2024. Does this sound appealing to you? Do you want to contribute to the largest faculty festival in the world? Are you creative, determined and innovative? Sign up below before the 30th of October!

It is also possible to sign up in pairs if you are interested, but it is not required.

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