The gender discussion: you cannot escape it. The world is changing, scandals come to the surface and we all become more aware of the consequences of a world divided by gender roles. When is this division a good thing? And when does this division become an obstacle in our development?
This year's exposition, organised by the Display & Discuss committee, focuses on the role of gender in our own field of work: the built environment. What are the differences and what are the similarities and how can we improve our profession in the future?
The exposition will be held on the faculty at the west stairs, red stairs and in the modeling hall. With this exposition we want to seek the controversy and hope to spark the discussion among students and teachers. On the evening of May 4th, we will have a discussion night to talk about the subject of gender and architecture. More information about this soon.The exposition will be at the faculty of Architecture from the 2nd to the 20th of May. We hope to see you there!