We will visit the Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam with a group of architecture students on May 9th, from 1 pm until 2:30 pm. The excursion will be about the infrastructure and architecture of the Noord/Zuidlijn. We will be guided by famous Dutch architecture firm Benthem Crouwel Architects who designed the stations.

We will meet at the information point of Delft Central Station on May 9th at 11.20 am. The excursion will be free and you will get a free drink from us afterwards. We are allowed to bring a maximum of 20 participants and because of this, we ask for a motivation letter. The letter has a maximum of 400 words and consists of a short description of why you want to join us on the excursion. The motivation letter is anonymous so do not put your name on it. The online registration will only be available until May 4th at 5 pm. We will publish a list with participants this Friday. You can sign up here!

If you are not able to join us on May 9th, please send an e-mail to exursion@stylos.nl so we can give your rare spot to someone else!