The design courses started again. This means that we can enjoy dozens of lectures about sustainability, but do we have the right approach to sustainable design.

Thomas Rau has his own innovating view on sustainability. With quotes such as “Sustainability is FAKE”, “Sustainability means optimising an inferior system” and “Sustainability is primarily based on marketing concepts”, he calls himself a peaceful terrorist. In 1992, Rau founded his architectural firm “RAU Architecten” and in 2011 he added a company called “Turntoo” where they work on new business models for a circular economy. With these ideas, he is trying to create a circular economy that would put an end to private property. Rau already won a couple of prominent prices with his work: he became architect of the year in 2013, received ARC13 from the magazine “De Architect” and ended up second on the list “Duurzaam top 100” from the newspaper “Trouw”.

Are you curious about what this inspiring man has to say? Please come to Stylos College Tour on may 15, 2017. Perhaps your sustainable design course might end up differently than you would have thought!