Do you tell everyone around you what you think of their behaviour? In what way are you giving this feedback? Have you ever received any feedback? As a board, we give and receive a lot of feedback. We give feedback to each other, our committees and other parties we work together with. But it also works the other way around! We receive a lot of feedback from exactly the same people. But what is a good way to give and receive feedback? A difficult question, but we tried to figure it out by following a training by Annemieke Tump from the Zelforganisatie Fabriek.

Annemieke told us about what topics you could give feedback on and some good methods on how to give feedback. One of the examples she introduced was the 6G-model, which is an overview on what to say when you are giving feedback. The first thing you can start with is by saying hi or asking if someone has a minute for you, after which you tell them about the behaviour you are experiencing. Next, you will tell them how that behaviour makes YOU feel, this is your interpretation. Thereafter, you can say what consequences this has in your opinion. Now, you can have a conversation about the topic and the other person can give a response. Together, you can look for a mutual understanding on how to solve the ‘problem’.

All of our board members will give a short summary of their experience and what they have learned:

The training was great, we learned a lot! Something I will definitely take with me in the future, is the way in which you can structure your feedback. It makes it very clear what your feedback is and where it is coming from. I will definitely use the tips, as board member but also in my personal life!

The training day was very nice and our instructor felt our needs well.  I think this training was very useful for us as a group and for me personally. It made me aware of the fact that feedback can have a positive effect.

Giving, but also receiving feedback may be more complex than you could think at first sight. Keep it close to yourself, but above all stay respectful and honest. Tell the other person how you perceive someone else’s behaviour. In this training I learned when receiving feedback that you have to listen closely to what someone else experiences, and that feedback giving and receiving feedback is always with a good intention.

I’m really glad we had this training! It was very useful, for us as a group but also for future situations later on in our lives. It really made me think how important it is to give feedback when you feel like something needs to be said. And the way you give this feedback is just as important, so I’m happy we got some very useful tools for this during the training!

I really enjoyed the feedback training, given by Annemieke from the self-organization factory! In a year like ours, it is common to frequently give feedback. Not only to each other, but also to our members and committee members. This training provided us a certain method to do this with a controlled and fine manner. Annemieke was able to adapt to us and our descripted situations very well, which made it natural and fun. Highly Recommended! I take it with me in the future J

As someone who can easily think of feedback in a negative way: “I didn’t like…”, it was good to go into the details of what feedback is, and how to give it in a productive manner. After explaining some of the basics on feedback, Annemieke gave us room to practice. We gave each other feedback and compliments in a play like setting, training our skills along the way. With a couple of minor bumps along the way, I felt like all of us got quite a good grasp at it, providing us with useful tools for the future. In the end I feel like what changed most is my attitude towards feedback.

As you can see, it was a very useful training. Something we can use not only now, but also in the upcoming years and when we are starting to work. Feedback is a critical form of communication, so knowing how to give and receive it is very important!

Want to know more about how to give and receive feedback? Find more information here on the website of the Zelforganisatie Fabriek or find more information here on their trainings on feedback.