2019 - 'Bouwen met Delft' (Stylos)

French artist Olivier Grossetête builds large monumental constructions out of cardboard with the help of groups of people. The aim of his projects is to get people of different backgrounds and ages to work together by building a work of art. During one week, parts of the structure were made in different workshops. For these workshops, students and employees of the Faculty of Architecture, primary schools, refugee organisations, local residents and cultural institutions in Delft have been approached to participate. Then, when all parts are ready, the construction was built. The construction took place during one day beside the train station of Delft. On the last day, everyone can come and see the final result.



2018 - Study Trip (Stylos)

This year the annual study trip of Stylos went to Japan. The trip was open to all Architecture students. It is a combination of culture tasting, experiencing architecture, a case study by a lecturer and visits to various architecture sites. Funding from the Stylos Fund made it possible for a lecturer to accompany the students on this trip.


2017 - InDeSem

InDeSem 2017 'Crowded' is a biennial symposium that includes research, knowledge exchange and the stimulation of cross-sectoral networks among its objectives. In short, the theme Crowded addresses the enormous population growth on earth and the challenge and opportunities this problem presents to the new generation of designers.


2017 - Urban & Landscape Week 2017

It is an academic symposium hosted at TU Delft's Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. The week sees a series of curated lectures, seminars, workshops, debates and a competition, aiming the research of a particular theme in an attempt to understand routes, practices and issues of contemporary urbanism.
The goal of the ULWeek is to bring together people interested in future development of urban landscapes and the built environment together and provide a platform for discussion from creative and technical practices.