128 - The Odd One Out symposium

Board 128 featured a symposium on; 'What if you don't want to be an architect?' The board noticed that many architecture students discover during their studies that they no longer want to be an architect, but then what? With this question, there were several invited guests who studied architecture but did not become an architect to tell about their careers.

126 - Design Contest: obversation tower 

At the beginning of Board 126, the question came up if Stylos wanted to design obversation tower. This question turned into a contest! The contest was very successful. The tower itself was realized later that year.


124 - XXL EJC Kroegentocht

As part of the anniversary year 125, all kinds of anniversary initiatives could be submitted. The first committee of 124 submitted an XXL pub crawl with a boat trip on which pizza and beer were drunk on the boat.


123 - BK-FM 

During Board 123 the radio program BK-FM was started, this continued in the 124 with Joep & Sam. In addition, this reappeared in corona time in board 126 and 127.

123 - 1 to 1 project

On the front square of the faculty of Architecture, floor plans had been made that were 1 to 1 scale to show students how big their floor plans were. In addition, it was also a stunt to attract more initiatives!

121 - Fruit of Study

A student came along who wanted to organize a lecture where a well-known architect spoke about his student days. It was a very successful series with great architects: Hertzberger, Peter Russel, Kees Kaan and Marijn Schenk.