The Anthropocene: the age in which human activity causes the greatest change to the earth’s landscape. Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, is a monumental visual report on our changing ecosystem. In stunning yet shocking images we see vast coal mines in Germany, shocking effects of deforestation in Canada, and bright green lithium lakes in the Andes - all materials that are used daily for our built environment. While our machines leave their mark, the earth is slowly turning into a place we no longer recognize. These magnificent images show the hideous beauty of our influence on the earth. An urgent call to arms.

On March 5th, Stylos and TU Delft Library will screen this documentary in the Oostserre of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. The film will start at 19:00. It is a free event, everyone is welcome.

Address: Julianalaan 132, Delft

Study association D.B.S.G. Stylos organises this event in cooperation with the TU Delft Library. This event is part of the TU Delft Library-program ‘Who is afraid of the end of life? Exploring and (re)designing values on (im)mortality. This program was created in collaboration with: Studium Generale Delft, Theater de Veste, Filmhuis Lumen, CUBE design museum and several study associations and researchers of the TU Delft.

Cristóbal Bonelli (Principal Investigator ERC Starting Grant, 'Worlds of Lithium: A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies’ (853133), Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam) is an anthropologist who has been doing research in the Atacama desert in Chile, that is featured in the movie. After the screening of the documentary he will discuss the documentary with the public.