Welle oder Winkel | Rally 2020

Rally Committee 126 presents the alternative format of this year’s Rally. We have created a guide that you and your friends can use to go on the perfect rally adventure, after the pandemic. The route presented in this guide will take you on a journey through The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany along the theme ‘Welle oder Winkel’. Along the way you can choose to visit a number of different sites and do different activities in and around the cities on the route. For all the different cities along the route you will also find a number of different accommodation options. There is a number of campsites for the real adventurers and also a number of hostel options for the ones who like to sleep in a bed. Lastly, we are not going to leave you hungry, and also listed some nice and cheap places to eat around the different cities. Altogether, with the help of this guide, your rally adventure can not go wrong! (Except when your car breaks down)

Click on the image to download the guide!