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As architecture students from the TU Delft, we hear many times that our faculty is ranked 4th on international lists. What is studying like at another Faculty of Architecture? Is the student culture in Delft as special as we think? And is it still true that we have a different design mindset called ‘the Delftse school’?

To find answers to all these questions, Stylos organises its first international exchange to the ETH Zürich. Together with our sister association Architektura (link:, we offer an architectural programme focussed on architectural education and (student) culture.

Swiss programme

The TU Delft students will visit Switzerland from the 10th of May until the 15th of May. Then you will be staying at your host and the programme will be offered by Architektura. You will see the education given at the Faculty of Architecture at the ETH Zürich (link:, the modern Novartis Campus in Basel and how Swiss architectural firms work.

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