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Hi! We’re Enviu.
We believe in an inclusive economy that serves people and planet. We build ventures that address social and environmental issues hands-on, and drive market development. But if we could do this on our own we would not be dreaming big enough. We have a large and varying network of entrepreneurs, experts, philanthropists, and enthusiasts who we team up with. We are currently looking for an intern to join the THRUST programme.

THRUST is giving the energy transition on water a push forward.
The climate is warming faster today than any point in the past 2,000 years. If no action is taken, the global climate impact share of shipping is set to increase exponentially in the coming decades.
THRUST (Towards Hydrogen-based Renewables Used for Ship Transportation) is ENVIU’s multi-year initiative to help reduce the climate impact caused by the maritime transport industry and make sustainable growth possible.
To spur systemic change THRUST spots and embraces ground-breaking innovations on zero harmful emission solutions, initiates pilot projects and builds new ventures. By building on fundamental research, founding first of a kind projects, and setting up consortia of like-minded stakeholders we are accelerating change.

Urban Planning Internship: Inner City B2B zero-emission logistics over water
One of our projects revolves around inner city transportation. Inner cities are being supplied with goods by thousands of trucks daily, resulting in congestion, damaged infrastructure and air pollution. To put an end to this municipalities are starting to ban trucks from their inner city. THRUST is currently working on a viable alternative for last mile delivery over land by developing a B2B logistics-service provider that offers 100% harmful emission-free logistics services over water. We are looking for an ambitious intern that is keen to join us on our mission.

About your role:
You will have the opportunity to further develop the concept for zero-emission inner city logistics over water by supporting the team with determining the most suitable cities to adopt such concept by developing selection criteria and present possible waterborne B2B networks.

In particular you will:
- Analyse water-rich cities tissue, with focus on;
• Level of penetration of rivers and canals
• Accessibility by road
• Accessibility over and from water
• Presence of logistical hubs
• Availability of zero-emission fuel infrastructure
• Clusters of suitable business activities
- Analyse municipal policies and solutions with regard to;
• Reducing traffic movements over road
• Banning polluting vehicles
• Adopting zero-emission mobility solutions
- Select a global top 10 of cities ready to adopt B2B logistics over water;
• Develop a set of selection criteria
• Develop a viable logistical hub and spoke network (graphically)

We are looking for a devoted Master’s student who:
• has a background in Urban Planning;
• has affinity with zero emission urban mobility;
• has strong analytical skills;
• is able to present results simple and to the point;
• enjoys working in a team;
• has a good sense of humour; and
• is available for 2-3 months.

What we can offer in return:
• work experience on ground breaking urban innovations;
• an internship with purpose and meaning;
• be part of group of passionate colleagues and partners;
• a monthly remuneration of € 500,- based on full time availability

Enviu, Pannekoekstraat 100, 3011 LL Rotterdam /

Send us your CV and motivation letter via email, to before January 31st 2021.
Please note that due to Corona we have guidelines for working at the office, which means we are working from home a bit more than we we’re used to. Hence, we’ll be meeting both in real-life and digitally. We hope to hear from you soon!