Dubai | Travel guide

Dubai has become a familiar destination for Stylos, as we have organized two trips to Dubai in the past two years. Dubai in general has been a booming travel destination recently, with its ground breaking modern architecture and (sometimes too) sunny weather. But this beautiful city definitely has its do’s and don’ts. Read our Dubai travel guide and learn more about the general rules in Dubai!

Public rules

· Always accept kind gestures, such as coffee or dates. It is impolite to decline.

· Politely greeting people is very important in Dubai. When shaking someones hand, always shake with your right hand as doing this with your left hand is seen as unclean.

· Do not point at people in public, this is very rude.

· When in public, never point the soles of your shoes to someone. Doing this is a sign of disrespect and it is even seen as an insult.

· Showing signs of affection in public, such as hugging, kissing etc. is not tolerated. If it’s a couple of same sexes, it’s an even more tense subject.

· Being under the influence of alcohol in public is not accepted, it could even result in getting you arrested.

Fun facts

· The citizens of Dubai have over 200 different nationalities, and only a quarter of the citizens are actual ‘Emirati’. This is because there are a lot of guest workers from nearby countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh who are working in Dubai.

· When in Dubai, you will see that all the Emirati women wear black, and all the Emirati men wear white. This does not have any religious reasons. It’s just because the women have to wear more covering clothes, and because of the heat black is the easiest colour to cover yourself without being too hot.

· As you probably already know, muslims are not allowed to eat pork. If you are an Emirati and you would like to eat pork at a restaurant, you need to have a ‘pork license’.

· The government of the United Arab Emirates make sure that the Emirati are well cared of. For example:

o The government pays for the cost of University College, even if you would like to study abroad.

o The government prays for the cost of health fare.

o When you get married with another Emirati, the government gives you approximately 300.000 euros to buy  yourself and your significant other a house.


We hope you learned something about Dubai an its culture. We encourage you to go visit Dubai and see the wonders of this beautiful city and country by yourself, it truly is worth paying a visit!