When applying for the fund with this form, one has to be able to show the importance and relevance of the event for architecture students. All students of our Faculty have to be able to join the event. Also, one has to demonstrate the necessity of the contribution by the Stylos Fund. This means that no planned profit can be made by organizing the event. As such, you are requested to enclose a budget plan.

Once the application is handed in, the board of the Stylos Fund will decide whether the grant is honoured during one of its meetings. This happens once every three months. During this meeting, the board makes a decision about 75% of the grant that is applied for. The final 25% will be paid once the board has seen the budget evaluation. With this procedure, the board makes sure that no profit is made.

The board of the Stylos Fund always reserves the right to reject a request for application, even though this application is in line with the requirements.

Download the application form here and send this to fund@stylos.nl

The next meeting will take place on:

The 8th of May 2018