Students are welcome to present their initiatives to the board of the Stylos Fund and apply for funding. Together with study association Stylos, the board of the Stylos Fund would be happy to assist you and facilitate your ideas. Underneath, you can read about several initiatives that are already initiated with support of the Stylos Fund. 


Study Trip 2016: Mexico

Het Stylos fonds draagt jaarlijks bij aan de Grote Reis, hierdoor is het mogelijk om een docent voor de helft van het tarief te laten deelnemen aan de reis. Het belang van een docent bij de grote reis is er om de studenten extra inzichten te geven met betrekking tot hun vakgebied.

Night of Philosophy


Informal Urbanisation: Understanding and Mitigating a Global Phenomenon

The Confronting Informality Symposium 2016 shed light on informal urbanization, to understand its origins, drivers and impacts. The goal was to establish a platform to discuss informality and its correlations to spatial planning and urban design has succeeded. Speakers of varying backgrounds have shared their understandings on the theme as well as their experiences in tackling the informality matter from different perspectives.

Study Trip 2015: India

The yearly study trip of D.B.S.G. Stylos. In 2015, 23 students and a teacher traveled to India to experience the extraordinairy culture and architecture and join a case study with Indian students of  the CEPT University in Ahmedabad.


The magazine for members annex architecture magazine of D.B.S.G. Stylos. The themes of 2015-2016 were: 'in development', 'signature', 'sy,bolics' en 'crossing borders'.