Stylos Fund

The Stylos Fund (formerly Stylos Foundation) is a foundation dedicated to support independent initiatives by students of the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment since 1984. This includes lectures, workshops, exhibitions and other study-related activities offering a relevant addition to the regular education programs offered at our faculty, TU Delft. The fund provides grants and interest-free payment advances, ideas, and immaterial support, for the board members of the Stylos Fund have an extensive list of interesting contacts.

Stylos Grant

The Stylos Grant is meant for excursions and studytrips. Each student is once along his or her study eligible to apply for subsidy to join an excursion or trip. The amount of money depends on the budget that the faculty will decide upon each year. Currently, this is €100,- per person. The main purpose of the Stylos Grant for travel is to fund all kinds of extra-curricular field trips that contribute to the academic careers of students.


Students are welcome to present their initiatives to the board of the Stylos Fund and apply for funding. Together with study association Stylos, the board of the Stylos Fund would be happy to assist you and facilitate your ideas.


The Stylos Fund subsidies are entirely made possible by donations of its contributors. Among these contributors are architects, urban planners, professors, graduates, agencies and consultants - all wishing to invest in the development of the students of our faculty.

Stylos Fund Board

The Stylos Fund board is a combination of people related to several master tracks and Stylos board members.

prof. ir. Thijs Asselbergs 

Amber van der Voorn (Stylos board 124)

Joost van Eijk (Stylos board 124)

Board members
ir. Tjeerd Wessel 
ir. Jack Breen
ir. Leontine de Wit 
Pim Klaassen (Stylos board 123)
Bart Simkens (Stylos board 123)
Coen de Vries (Stylos board 123)
Mara Kopp (Stylos board 124)