Christmas version

Podcast to listen

Architecture related

  • Face to Face
  • Scratching the Surface 
  • 99% Invisible
  • Revision Path
  • Young architects podcast

Not architecture related

  • Date vermaak
  • Zelfspodcast (especially 'exit voor de boomers, of de millenials')
  • Damn honey
  • Home cooking
  • Man Man Man
  • Complotcast
  • Universiteit van Nederland
  • NRC podcast
  • Myths and Legends

Books to read

Architecture related

  • Architecture matters (Aaron Betsky)
  • Thinking architecture (Peter Zumthor, 1999)
  • London is a forest (Paul Wood, 2019)
  • Architecture of Density (Michael Wolf, Natasha Egan, Ernest Chui)
  • Life between buildings (Jan Gehl)

Not architecture related

  • Atonement (Ian McEwan)
  • And the mountains echoed (Khallid Hosseini)
  • The island (Victoria Hislop)
  • Meeste mensen deugen (Rutger Bregman)
  • Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk)
  • Kunstmatig van nature (Jos de Mul)

Account to follow on Instagram

  • formfollowsconcept
  • josephkosuthstudio
  • siot.jieut
  • schevpalen
  • uglybelgianhouses
  • architectureonpaper
  • nonarchiture
  • archi.boom
  • one_house_per_day
  • superarchitects
  • letsshowitbetter
  • act.of.mapping
  • ignant 
  • illustrarch 
  • pantone
  • designwanted
  • dezeen
  • archdaily
  • cats_of_brutalism

Activity’s to do with your friends

  • Recipe Switch
    Everyone in your group sends a recipe to someone else in the group that is typical of his / her culture or family. This way everyone is linked to each other and you can try each other's recipes.
  • Friends pub quiz
    Have your friends complete a quiz you created yourself. Then you arrange an evening where you will discuss all the answers in the form of a nice power point and pictures! Possible themes: parties, bouwpub, events, funny anecdotes, childhood, each other’s interests.

Activities you can do on your own


Not Stylos related

Mini design contest

Come up with a new concept for our exposure. This can be your own 2D creativity inside the exciting exposure wall. Or this can be a completely new idea for this wall!

Measurements of the exposure: 2150 x 2700 mm (height x width), 770 x 770 mm (the whole in the middle).

The best design will be used in the expo! Important information:
Deadline: 06.01.2021
Send your design to/ or just have questions?:
What: Two A3 pages explaining your idea!

Do you have any idea’s, suggestions or just want to share one of your experiences of one of these activities? Send an email to and we can add your suggestions to the list or share your story on our Instagram!