Business at University (BAU) is the career event for bachelor and master students at the faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft. The goal of BAU is to make connections between students and companies. By participating in our events students can find out what they want to do after their studies or get into contact with future employers.Business at University (BAU)

BAU consists of multiple preparatory events, but the highlight is the business fair. The fair takes place at the faculty so that all students can visit. Another important event are the speed dates. In these personal, brief meetings between students and businesses, connections can be made for internships or jobs. BAU also consists of a series of cases where students get the possibility to work on a design problem for a company.

By organising all these events BAU aims to be the link between students and practice. Because of  this we want to highlight every aspect of the world of architecture, companies of the following categories will attend BAU.

Check out the short video below or read more about BAU.

BAU Committee 2018/2019